Our Coaching engagements are facilitated by our experienced coaches.


Our Coaching engagements are facilitated by our experienced coaches.

These sessions specifically look at a person’s resilience - with the assistance of their Resilience Diagnostic report – to focus on key areas for them and learn high impact, practical tools.

Our coaches are resilience subject matter experts who can offer content expertise as well as skilled coaches who can guide participants to insight and motivation to change. By exploring personal competencies mapped against our proprietary model, the participant develops deep insight into their own behaviour and the processes leading to that behaviour, as well as effective strategies for managing and enhancing performance.


Resilience coaching for leaders, particularly senior leaders, is a powerful option. Offering a confidential sounding board and tailored advice to support leaders to develop personal resilience alongside options for creating a more resilient organisation.


Often issues are identified and actions that can be taken into executive coaching. Sometimes they also help an individual recognise a need for additional coaching or mentoring support.


1-2 Hours

Group Coaching

90-minute group coaching sessions are an important opportunity for managers to reflect on successes and challenges in implementing personal and team action plans arising from the resilience program. It is in these sessions that the foundations for true, ongoing change are laid.

Small group sizes (ideally 8-12, although this is flexible depending on logistics) allow for personalised and in-depth collaboration and coaching.

Participants are asked to complete a short pre-work sheet, and in the sessions have the opportunity to coach each other through change, with the support and subject matter expertise of a Resilience Institute expert. Sessions are ideally held in person. Phone coaching/video conference solutions can also be accommodated.

Clients we’ve helped

Clients we’ve helped, Springfox
Clients we’ve helped, Springfox
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