COVID-19: Resilience Training

Evidence-based, practical strategies to build resilience, enhance
well-being and sustain mental health.

A message from our CEO, Stuart Taylor

Why is resilience important?

When life is challenging, resilience helps us to stay calm, clear, effective and adaptive in the moments that count. Resilience allows us to bounce-back in adversity, connect with others, and discover flow in our life and work.

"Our data shows that prior to this global pandemic, Australian organisations were already experiencing high levels of confusion, distress and vulnerability coming into 2020. Now more than ever, your people need support to build personal and organisational practices to master stress, thrive through change and enhance mental health, well-being and performance."

Peta Sigley - Chief Knowledge Officer, Springfox

Blended Digital Resilience Programme

Our established GDPR compliant Digital Solution includes over 50 micro-learning resilience videos and incorporates our Resilience Diagnostic instrument (assessing 60 resilience factors). It is accessible both online and via our Resilience App. Our webinars are integrated with the Digital Solution and are a platform for participants to connect, communicate and collaborate. They will have a hub of resources available at their fingertips, whenever and wherever is convenient to them.

1. Resilience Digital App – GDPR compliant
  • Resilience Diagnostic – pre and post-assessments 
  • Over 50 micro resilience videos
  • FlowBot – a chatbot on resilience
  • GoalKeeper
  • Daily Meditations
2.     Resilience Webinars
  • Digital App integrated
  • Over 6 x 1hr webinars – replacing our 1-Day program
  • Modules include:
    • Introduction
    • Stress Mastery
    • Energise Body and Engage Emotions
    • Train Mind
    • Flow
    • Refresh and Extend
3. Resilience Coaching 1:1 – via video conference
spiral on phone

Ready to find out more?

Read our Blended Digital Resilience Programme Brochure

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"What an inspirational program, well worth the investment. It can change lives, and organisations."

"Excellent program to promote a holistic approach to a healthier lifestyle both physically and mentally."

"The program motivated me to make significant changes in my life."

"Really insightful and incredibly valuable."

COVID-19 Research Report 2020

We surveyed over 500 individuals from industries across Australia to find out how Australian workers were coping during COVID-19 and, most importantly, how they expect to bounce back beyond the pandemic.

We share our key insights, discussion and recommendations in the 2020 research report The Australian Workforce Response to COVID-19: A call for courage, connection and compassion.

Springfox Report-The Australian Workforce Response to COVID-19 - Cover 2

At Springfox, we have been supporting clients with measurable and trackable resilience outcomes for over 20 years, worldwide.

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