Global Professional Services Firm

Case study in how resilience empowers leadership development

The Challenge

This premier global firm wanted to bring its high potential leaders from around the world together in a program to generate consistent leadership behaviours and develop outstanding, agile international leaders.

The Engagement

130 participants engaged in an intensive three-day workshop in resilience and leadership. Supported by online modules and coaching, they continued the journey for three months. Key topics covered:

  • Insight: building self-awareness across the range of human experience from the downward spiral to optimal performance
  • Mastery: constructing a daily discipline to cultivate optimal wellbeing, emotional intelligence and mental strength
  • Participants completed our 60 factor Resilience Diagnostic at start and three months later.

The Impact

A 22% improvement in overall resilience. The Resilience Ratio improved from 1.4 Assets to each liability to 1.71. Highlights include:

  • 39% increase in physical activity
  • 9% increase in relaxation
  • 14% increase in quality nutrition
  • 26% reduction in overactive mind at night
  • 22% reduction in distress (stress symptoms)
  • 19% reduction in working late