Meet the Global Team

With established teams in New Zealand, Australia, Europe, North America, South East Asia and China, we have a growing team of accredited practitioners now in the UK and US. Together we are able to deliver a consistent experience in resilience training and leadership development for our clients across multiple territories. Below you can get to know our team in each location and understand the range of skills we can offer.

Founder, The Resilience Institute

Dr Sven Hansen


Dr Sven Hansen leads the development of the Resilience Institute’s methodology, research and training. He is actively involved in supporting leadership teams around the world to build personal and organisational resilience. The mission has always been to promote sound physical, emotional and mental well-being. 

Sven has lead research at the Institute. Now in the third round of psychometrics and fourth round of rigorous data analytics, we have been able to assess resilience globally for over 60,000 people and demonstrate significant improvements in every category and factor of resilience.

Partner, Europe

Katrien Audenaert


Based in Belgium, Katrien joined the Resilience Institute after having lived several years in Shanghai and Hong Kong. After 15 years of experience in the legal field (first as a legal advisor to the Belgian Prime Minister Dehaene and later as a Magistrate in the Belgian Constitutional Court), Katrien decided to make a career shift as an executive coach when she moved to Asia.

She is certified to use the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) and the Workplace Big 5. Katrien has since then put her energy in helping people achieve their goals, lead with passion, purpose and presence. 

Consultant, New Zealand

Declan Scott

Declan  is dedicated to helping change the culture of business by inspiring a renewed sense of purpose and creativity in the workplace. Declan is a former Fellow of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ireland and has worked internationally as a corporate tax advisor prior to moving to New Zealand in 2005.
He is one of the original founders of SHE Universe group in Christchurch. Declan has held various lecturing positions at a number of universities in Australia and New Zealand and is also a recognised keynote speaker and workshop facilitator.
Partner, New Zealand

Bradley Hook

Bradley hook

Brad is a technologist, author and resilience facilitator who has presented keynotes and workshops around the world.

He is dedicated to supporting individuals and groups with the Resilience App – a practical, evidence-based toolkit that builds resilience skills and proves the impact. His latest book Resilience Mastery explores the 11 critical skills that drive high performance.

Brad is a dedicated resilience practitioner who enjoys surfing, trail running and videography.

Partner, South Africa

Njabulo B Sithole

Headshot Njabulo B Sithole

Njabulo is the founder and Chief Executive of The Resilience Institute South Africa. Her role includes overall business strategy, analysing market focus and gaining and sustaining a competitive advantage within the environment which the business operates. She also has over twenty years of experience as the CEO of Omame Investments (Pty) Ltd.

Prior to that she worked as a consulting psychologist for various government departments in Performance Management Systems, Employee Assistance Programs and Human Resource Planning. She believes human beings have enormous resilience in life and business.

Managing Partner, China

Bruce Robinson

Managing Partner, China

Bruce leads The Resilience Institute in Shanghai. Prior to that, he was the Chief Representative of the Shanghai Representative Office and a Managing Director for Avenue Capital Group, a New York based private equity firm. He has over twenty-five years of investment, banking and business management experience in the Americas and Asia, where he has lived since 2005.

Bruce specialises in organisational and individual transitions and managing diverse teams. He has led the establishment of new offices, as well as managed acquisitions and restructurings. 

Partner, Europe

Laurent Levisalles


Based in France, Laurent is co-founder of the Resilience Institute Europe. For twenty years Laurent held several positions as managing director in the retail industry in the US, Europe and China for start-ups and global companies.

While following his strong appeal for the Human Sciences, he spent much of his energy on people development and management. Influenced by his experience in China, he became qigong instructor and incorporates qi-gong practices in his training sessions. Amongst his assignments, Laurent teaches in several business schools. 

Managing Partner, South East Asia and UK

Thierry Moschetti


Thierry established The Resilience Institute in Southeast Asia and in the UK. He has twenty years of team management, business development and training experience in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. Before embarking on the journey with The Resilience institute, he was Regional General Manager Greater China for a British listed organisation.

Thierry holds a Master of Science in Management, he is a certified ACTA trainer & assessor, a certified trainer in Emotional Intelligence and in Qigong, an ancient Chinese practice for energy and relaxation.

Office Manager, South East Asia & UK

Sue Elias


Sue Elias is an Office Manager with The Resilience Institute. She has more than 20 years of experience in managing administrative functions across diverse industries. She began her career with the Republic of Singapore Air Force in Air Traffic Control, and subsequently gained corporate management expertise as an Office Administrator with a corporate branding company, an executive search firm and a training consultancy.

Sue brings with her a collaborative and dedicated work ethic, commitment to improving work processes to her team.

Consultant, New Zealand

Sandy Hall

Sandy Hall Headshot

Sandy has an extensive background in HR leadership positions and in leadership development across commercial business in Australasia. With firsthand experience of the need for resilience at an executive and governance level she brings her leadership development acumen and experience to the table when assisting teams to build resilience into their daily practice.

Sandy has a real passion for employee engagement and experience. She sees them as being intimately connected and critical to the well-being of employees as well as a key driver of the commercial success of all organisations.

Co-founder and Partner, Europe

Alexia Michiels

Headshot of Alexia Michiels co-founder of Resilience Institute Europe

Based in Switzerland, originally from Belgium, Alexia Michiels is co-founder and partner of the Resilience Institute Europe. With a degree in commercial and consular sciences, Alexia worked 10 years in marketing and media before moving to China where she became a certified professional coach and a yoga instructor.

She now accompanies people and organisations that, in a complex environment, want to build their resilience skills and be ready to face the daily challenges of a transforming world. Passionate about the resilience integral and practical approach.

Senior Consultant, Germany

Carlota Simo


Based in Munich, originally from Spain, Carlota lived and worked for twenty years in Germany, Ireland, India and China. After a career as a lawyer in an international law firm and a mediator in a global tourism company, Carlota decided to follow her passion for human development and devote her career to executive coaching, focusing on leadership and creativity.

Carlota is a qualified executive coach and facilitator and is certified to use the Myers-Briggs Type indicator (MBTI®). Carlota speaks Spanish, German and English.

Consultant, South East Asia

Jerome Song,


Jerome has more than 20 years of experience in industries including marketing communications, manufacturing, real estate, hospitality and professional services. Today Jerome is committed to follow his passion for human development and success.

Jerome is an experienced facilitator and coach working with a wide range of areas such as performance management, leadership and team development. Based out of Singapore, Jerome conducts training in Asia and speaks English, Mandarin, Thai and Japanese.

Consultant, South East Asia

Manish Arneja


Manish is the Managing Partner with The Resilience Institute in South East Asia and is passionate about helping leaders build change capacity, resilience and resonance within organisations. After successfully leading organisational change and development in Europe and Asia for 16 years with Fortune 500 companies, his aspirations to support individuals in challenged situations led him to pursue a career in training and coaching resilience. 

Manish is an avid meditation and yoga practictioner.

Resilience Coach, The Resilience Institute

Gavin Gui

Gavin-Gui Headshot

Gavin is an Executive Coach with The Resilience Institute. He has 20 years of experience in senior management roles for reputable MNCs in Asia Pacific. Prior to being a full time coach and start-up mentor he was the Regional Head (South East Asia) for Hilti Group. He has successfully gotten his teams through times of crisis and as is a model of resilience.

With more than a decade of resilience practice in his life, Gavin has now proudly become the accredited Resilience Coach for the Resilience Institute. He is bilingual in Chinese and English and has a passion for learning about diversities in culture and people.