Alexandra Bowen


Alex is passionate about helping individuals and organisations achieve optimal performance in a way that is sustainable. She has expertise in resilience, wellbeing, stress mastery and employee engagement.


With extensive experience in senior employee engagement and communication roles across diverse sectors, Alex is uniquely skilled at helping Springfox clients develop a strategic approach to strengthening the resilience of their employees and to embedding resilience into their organisational culture to achieve productive, adaptable and engaged workplaces.

Participants consistently describe Alex as being ‘calm, inspiring and genuine’. She is adept at creating engaging and interactive workshops that encourage open, authentic dialogue that has a sustained, positive impact on individuals and teams.

Alex’s extensive track record as a highly effective and empathetic resilience coach means she is strongly sought after to work one-on-one with leaders through challenge and change. Alex encourages and guides leaders to make personal transformations that significantly impact their ability to manage high levels of intensity while remaining focused, purposeful and calm.

Alex’s commitment to sharing her knowledge of resilience is complemented by her deep interest in yoga and mindfulness practices to support physical and emotional wellbeing. She is a qualified yoga teacher and has been a dedicated yoga practitioner for over 16 years.

Alex says that living in Japan as a teenager with almost no Japanese language skills at a time when few Japanese people had ever met a foreigner, is one of the earlier tests of her resilience and ability to adapt to change- there have since been many more!

Alex holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Melbourne and a Graduate Diploma of Counselling.

“Highly recommend this worthwhile and useful workshop which was thoroughly engaging and which focused on relevant topics to build your resilience and be an effective leader. Thank you to Alex Bowen who facilitated the workshop with such enthusiasm and passion. Definitely an expert in this field.”

Participant, Federal Government

“Alex is a great presenter with a calming yet strong presentation style. She was able to keep us engaged without feeling overwhelmed. Perfect style for learnings of this nature. It was great to have her deliver this for us.”

Participant, Top 50 ASX listed company

“Many courses are full of information and much of it relevant; however without the right person leading can become exhausting and participants in the course can often disengage. This was not the case and a massive call out to the facilitator as she was able to keep things moving without being too rigid while still being firm enough to keep control.”

Participant, Engineering Project Team

“The presenter put everyone at ease - I could talk openly about challenges and get down to practical improvements.”

Participant, Women In Leadership Forum

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