Paul Salmon

Principal Consultant

Paul has a distinguished background in leadership in education, with extensive experience in management, program design, staff development, and both teacher training and student facilitation. He has diverse talents, being able to move almost effortlessly between management and operational logistics through to running outdoor challenge experiences, giving lectures or facilitating keynote presentations.


Having spent almost three decades designing and leading programs on school camps, retreats and leadership development pathways, Paul has seen first-hand the positive impact that can emerge from eye-opening encounters and the noticeable difference in outcomes for those who continuously self-reflect and adjust for growth. He is a big advocate for guiding people to broaden their comfort zone and consider "the more" that could further fulfil their lives.

Paul grew up in an army family and has frequently faced the challenge of change throughout his life, attending 9 schools and moving home more than 18 times. He has also lived through the loss of 2 siblings. His belief is that these ‘thrive or flounder’ experiences have fostered his resilience.

Paul is a dynamic and engaging facilitator. He creates authentic connection with participants as they reflect and explore new ways to seek meaning and engagement in the work place, and in their personal lives.

To maintain balance Paul loves to climb mountains and dabble in Architectural design and Project management. He is often found organising exciting holiday adventures for his family and friends, and lead teams of young people on service projects in outback NSW where he has been volunteering since 1992. Having explored dozens of countries, he is an avid traveler with a passionate love of history, culture and community.

With a Mathematics, Psychology and Theology background, Paul’s academic credentials include a Bachelor of Science, ANU, Diploma of Education, University of Canberra, Graduate Certificate of Religious Education, ACU and a Master of Religious Education, ACU.

“Paul is to be commended for the personal example he sets, his professionalism and his commitment to young people.”

Principal, Educational Institution

“Paul is skilled at retelling inspiring stories and giving words of wisdom that reach all ages. He relates easily with young people and is seen as approachable, generous and engages with young people in a positive and loving way. The older people we interviewed mentioned that he was very inspirational. Paul was acknowledged as being energetic, enthusiastic, committed, passionate, confident, charismatic and liking to laugh.”

Program Reviewer, Youth Engagement Project

“Paul has established teams and developed leaders, ensuring that they maintain a solid formative content underpinning their leadership.”

Combined Schools Educational Board

“Paul is commended for his vision, energy and drive and his ability to identify the strengths of young people, and to enthuse and inspire.”

Principal, Educational Institution

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