Recommended Reading

Our favourite books on mindfulness, nutrition, leadership and more

Assertive Humility

assertive humility

Written by Springfox CEO, Stuart Taylor, Assertive Humility details the lessons and reflections gathered by Stuart after being diagnosed with brain cancer. His fight for survival has provided a rich story to share with others who have been personally moved, motivated and empowered to take action. It highlights how much you can do to drive your resilience, well-being and performance when your back is against the wall and you don't think you can make it.

"I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is either struggling with challenges in life - either professional or personal - or who is simply open to a better way of living one's life." – Bob Santamaria, Chief Counsel ANZ Banking Corporation



Dr Sven Hansen is the founder of The Resilience Institute International which functions as Springfox's global research partner. His novel Inside-Out invites the reader to look deeply into who they are and how they think. It explains how the practice of resilience can empower them to become calm, energised, engaged, focused and in-flow both personally and within business teams and organisations as a whole.

"Hansen's assertions are all backed by research on the various topics covered such as sleep, nutrition, exercise, human physiology and more. It is a manual for self-care in a fast-paced, demanding world; one that does not constrain, and instead promotes active participation. Well worth the read." – Robert S Read

The Resilience Drive

The Resilience Drive

Written by our partner and Europe Director, Alexia Michiels, The Resilience Drive is a valuable resource for the everyday aspects of resilience and explores how resilience can be cultivated by mobilising all our resources: body, heart, mind and spirit. It provides you with 100 practical tips to help you build your resilience skills. Taking resilience training into your own hands to use at home with the family or at work to build resilience in your teams.


"A useful and generous book inviting us to experience life with joy and awareness" – Frederic Lenoir, French sociologist and author