Resilience Real-Time Podcast

Episode 15: All About Teams


The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many organisations to swiftly transition their employees to a remote or hybrid working environment. The reality of this is that it has drastically changed the way that teams function for the foreseeable future.

As the new year kicks off, it will not be uncommon for team members to begin 2021 feeling flat and lacking in motivation. The notion of being a part of a team can quickly diminish when team members begin to operate under reduced hours and rely solely on Zoom calls for connection. Remote work has also directly impacted the level of knowledge sharing, psychological safety and trust amongst colleagues. This continues to challenge employees who are already grappling with feelings of dislocation, blurred boundaries and the time management issues which arise from working from home.

Whilst many professionals are enjoying the flexibility of the new ways of working, research has found that over a third of workers feel isolated from their team and that this impacts their productivity. It is now critical for leaders to begin the new year by establishing safe opportunities for staff to connect face-to-face with other team members on a regular basis.

It is not uncommon for leaders to overlook the power of staff to influence the level of positivity and optimism in the workplace - virtual or otherwise. At this stage of the pandemic, providing staff with sessions that help support mental health and develop resilience is critical for staff engagement, productivity and loyalty. In particular, compassion and trust will become the currency of highly effective teams. In this episode of the resilience real-time podcast, Peta Sigley offers leaders strategies to support team members who continue to find themselves working in a hybrid or remote model. Listen now to learn some practical strategies on how to create or formalise working protocols that support social interaction and connection.

Featuring: Peta Sigley

Host: Simon Cook

Production: Claire Taylor

Music: Josh Jones

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