Resilience Real-Time Podcast

Episode 18: Headline Stress Disorder


In this episode of the resilience real-time podcast, Peta Sigley explores the impact that Headline Stress Disorder is having on millions of people and offers strategies on how to reduce it. Many of us have been guilty of waking up and turning on the news, checking the new 'just in' headlines throughout the day with alerts turned on, and going home to watch on average three different news updates prior to going to bed. Constantly scrolling through headlines and searching all manner of sites to stay updated is fast becoming detrimental to our mental health. It drives a sense that we are missing out and can quickly become an addictive new habit.

While it is normal to want to stay informed about the covid-19 pandemic and world events, it is important to recognise that this behaviour can quickly become obsessive and dysfunctional. The World Health Organisation have certainly expressed concern over misinformation and how it generates fear and confusion in response to exaggerated claims and false medical information. This can lead us to experience the symptoms that are commonly associated with stress such as headaches, anxiety or even panic attacks. People also become frustrated more easily with those around them and are certainly less tolerant to others. Even if you are not suffering from Headline Stress Disorder, the research shows that the time spent watching TV or on computers usually sees a related increase in depression. One very sobering statistic is that people who spend more than four hours each day connected to a screen are approximately twice as likely to have depression.

Listen to this episode to learn the tools to combat Headline Stress Disorder for yourself and those around you. Peta Sigley also offers leaders practical strategies to support their teams and coworkers who may be experiencing the same challenges.

Featuring: Peta Sigley

Host: Simon Cook

Production: Claire Taylor

Music: Josh Jones

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