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One theme of resilience explained in each fortnightly episode with practical, evidence-based strategies to sustain and accelerate human performance. Springfox CKO Peta Sigley and host Simon Cook get to the heart of resilience through positive psychology, emotional intelligence, cognitive behavioural therapy and neuroscience. Peta is a leader in this space with over a decade of experience working globally with organisations and their people.

Featuring: Peta Sigley

Host: Simon Cook / Josh Taylor

Production: Claire Taylor

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Resilience Real-Time: Episode 34
Exploring what makes us happy (Part 2)

In this episode, Peta dives further into the topic of how to be happier. She explores the vital importance of investing in human relationships, the Japanese concept of Ma – a pause in time to focus on the small hum of life, and how it is indeed possible for our levels of happiness to be robustly raised by employing an ‘Attitude of Gratitude’.                                                      listen now…

Resilience Real-Time: Episode 33
Exploring what makes us happy

Over the next two episodes, Peta talks about what it means to cultivate happiness. What makes you get out of bed every day? What do you want to put your whole self into? Exploring what gives you meaning takes time, it’s not a set and forget exercise. But given October is Mental Health Month, the timing is right to start ‘putting in’ and seize hold of your ikigai.listen now…

Resilience Real-Time: Episode 32
Dysfunctional Coping: How to cope with stress

People often engage in avoidance behaviours like drinking, drugs, TV, gaming, overeating, porn, gambling and social media to cope with daily stresses, fear, and worry-also known as ‘dysfunctional coping’. It’s no secret these mood-numbing activities only end up making things worse. In this episode, Peta discusses the value of adopting a daily practice of chunking your day with anchor points, to manage uncertainty and avoid types of coping strategies that only undermine our health and well-being.                                                                                                                                                                         listen now…

Resilience Real-Time: Episode 31
Coping with grief and loss during a pandemic

We are all feeling the loss brought on by the pandemic; missed birthdays, weddings and funerals, as well as all the everyday losses-meeting a friend for coffee, going to the gym, enjoying a concert. This sense of loss is known as ‘disenfranchised grief’ and sadly people often feel guilty about the anxiety, anger and even depression it produces, because it’s not considered grief in the true sense of the word. In this episode, Peta acknowledges such feelings are real and while it’s important to grieve and feel sad about how life has changed, it’s also vitally important to implement coping strategies that will help us forward define our ‘new normal’.listen now…

Resilience Real-Time: Episode 30
Taming the Mental Chit-Chat to Find Calm

As we continue to experience these uncertain times, Peta provides us with three strategies to help tame the mental chit-chat that comes with worrying about the future-Zoom Out, Talk Out and Step Out-concepts supported by the work of Ethan Kross to help people reach higher levels of happiness in the present moment.listen now…

Resilience Real-Time: Episode 29
Tips for using Mindfulness to cope with anxiety during COVID

In this episode, Peta explores how mindfulness techniques can help ground us in the present, enabling acceptance of what is happening in our body, emotions and thoughts, rather than being whisked away to the future by unhelpful ‘what if’ scenarios.listen now…

Resilience Real-Time: Episode 28
‘Worn out’: Teachers need help to navigate the impact of COVID-19

Welcome to Resilience Real-Time with Peta Sigley. This episode outlines the challenges facing the education sector amid COVID-19-school closures, relentless demands around online learning, job security and a growing disconnect between education leaders and teachers. In short, our teachers are feeling overwhelmed, fatigued and burnt-out. Now more than ever, our schools need access to the necessary tools to help deal with uncertainty, build resilience and create leadership trust to keep moving forward.listen now…

Resilience Real-Time: Episode 27

Welcome to the second season of Resilience Real-Time with Peta Sigley. This episode talks about some great anchor points that students and parents can use to help guide actions, emotions and thoughts to better cope with uncertainty through COVID-19.listen now…

Resilience Real-Time: Episode 26

JT steps in to discuss with Peta the numerous health benefits of a daily cup of coffee, from a reduced risk of cancer and stroke to lifting levels of mental focus.listen now…

Resilience Real-Time: Episode 24

This week on Resilience Real-Time, Peta Sigley takes you through the concept of Spillover and Crossover and how they impact your day to day lives and strategies for staff and leaders to help to ensure that you are aware of when it is happening to you. Spillover and Crossover can be a negative thing, and it is often viewed as such, but Peta also discusses how it can be a positive thing and be used to enrich those around you.listen now…

Resilience Real-Time: Episode 23

Emotional labour is experienced by both men and women and is where we find ourselves working hard to manage or even suppress the emotions to meet the requirements of our work.  Peta Sigley talks about the features of emotional labour and gets to the heart of how to avoid this space through building emotional intelligence.     listen now…

Resilience Real-Time: Episode 22

Imposter Syndrome is experienced by so many and involves feelings of inadequacy, feeling like a fraud, and fearing that people will find out that we are not as competent as they thought. Peta Sigley explains how imposter syndrome develops and offers strategies to minimise its impact. listen now…

Resilience Real-Time: Episode 21

In this episode Peta Sigley, CKO at Springfox, explores how you can improve your productivity at work. She offers guidance on leaving behind the negative beliefs that you don’t have enough time, have no time for yourself, or that you can’t get it all done. Peta explores what is needed for effective time management to support productivity and deliver truly great outcomes.                                              listen now…

Resilience Real-Time: Episode 20

Whilst great efforts have been made to reduce the stigma of mental illness by those in the public eye, more can be done remove the biases and prejudices that have evolved over time. In this episode, Peta Sigley uncovers some of the barriers that are preventing communities from moving forward and offers leaders strategies that will allow them to support the mental health of their teams.listen now…

Resilience Real-Time: Episode 19

Why do we find adapting to change so difficult? In this episode, Peta Sigley discusses the great benefits of change and how positive adaptation directly impacts our resilience. She encourages people and organisations to see change not just as a challenge but also as an opportunity to learn and grow.listen now…

Headline Stress Disorder Resilience Real-Time Podcast Ep.18
Resilience Real-Time: Episode 18

While it is normal to want to stay informed about the pandemic through endless news channels, it is important to recognise that this behaviour can quickly become obsessive and dysfunctional. In this episode, Peta Sigley explores the impact that Headline Stress Disorder is having on millions of people.listen now…

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Resilience Real-Time: Episode 17

In this episode, Peta Sigley navigates the difficult reality of empathy and compassion fatigue which can occur when continuously taking on the trauma of others. She also offers strategies to identify and overcome emotional and physical exhaustion before it leads to burnout.listen now…

Resilience Real-Time: Episode 16

Prior to COVID-19, there was a pressing need to look at the cultural norms that caused employees to work far longer hours than their role required. In this episode, Peta Sigley has a timely discussion about our workloads and unpacks the difference between working long hours and being a workaholic.listen now…

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Resilience Real-Time: Episode 15

In this episode we explore how to support teams who are working in a hybrid or remote environment. We uncover what it takes to become a great team member and what leaders need to think about in order to deliver great outcomes for their people.listen now…

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Resilience Real-Time: Episode 14

As we leave 2020 behind us, it is an important as ever to step into 2021 with purpose, intention and a healthy mindset and the motivation to pursue our goals. Peta explores the difference between SMART goals and FAST goals and how to set yourself up for success.                                                                                                listen now…

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Resilience Real-Time: Episode 13

Peta Sigley explores the latest report of physical activity published by the World Health Organisation on how exercise benefits physical and cognitive health. She outlines what types of exercise are recommended and why consistency is a vital part of our resilience.      listen now…

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Resilience Real-Time: Episode 12

The holiday period is a time of excitement and joy for many however, the reality is that for some people this holiday season won’t necessarily mean joy and social gatherings. Peta recommends actions and activities and that help reduce loneliness in yourself and those around you.listen now…

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Resilience Real-Time: Episode 11

Whilst conflict is inevitable it is important to remember that when it is constructively managed it can become a powerful enabler for personal and professional growth. Peta Sigley unpacks five conflict resolution strategies and shares her guidelines to having a difficult conversation.                                                                                                                         listen now…

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Resilience Real-Time: Episode 10

The ability to understand life through the eyes of others is a powerful personal attribute. In this episode, Peta Sigley explains the different kinds of empathy and highlights the value of compassionate leadership and connection in order to build understanding, tolerance and acceptance towards self and others.                                        listen now…

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Resilience Real-Time: Episode 09

Conflict, bullying, harassment and humiliation are experienced all too often in our workplaces. In this episode, Peta Sigley explains how psychological safety is the foundation for building trust and high performance in terms. She offers strategies for leaders to support their teams in this space.listen now…

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Resilience Real-Time: Episode 08

Being thankful is an attribute that can be developed with intentional practice and awareness. It can also powerfully impact both individuals and organisations. In this episode, Peta Sigley explains the psychology behind gratitude and how it can benefit people on a personal and professional level.                                                                listen now…

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Resilience Real-Time: Episode 07

Reframing negative emotions, maintaining self-care practices and staying present can strengthen your relationships, performance and leadership during a crisis. Peta Sigley explains how to identify, understand and manage emotions during COVID-19 in order to make emotions work for you, and not against you.                      listen now…

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Resilience Real-Time: Episode 06

Age and gender are a strong indicator of levels of resilience and can cause resilience to vary over a lifetime. In this episode, Peta Sigley offers strategies to leaders who want to utilise the diversity within their teams in order to increase overall performance.                                                           listen now…

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Resilience Real-Time: Episode 05

Trust is the fundamental building block for all relationships. In this episode, Peta Sigley explores how trust plays out in terms of personal and professional risk and how leaders often maintain a “blissful delusion” in this space.                                            listen now…

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Resilience Real-Time: Episode 04

listen now…

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Resilience Real-Time: Episode 03

listen now…

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Resilience Real-Time: Episode 02

COVID-19 has many of us grappling with high levels of doubt, rapid change, conflicting advice and unpredictable outbreaks – all whilst working from home. Peta Sigley uncovers the reality of working from home during a pandemic.                      listen now…

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Resilience Real-Time: Episode 01

Resilience is foundational to who we are and the way that we thrive both individually and as a collective. Peta Sigley gets to the heart of what resilience is and its impact on individual well-being, sustainable high performance, business success and leadership.                                                                                                         listen now…