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One theme of resilience explained in each fortnightly episode with practical, evidence-based strategies to sustain and accelerate human performance through improving resilience. Springfox CKO Peta Sigley and host Simon Cook get to the heart of resilience through positive psychology, emotional intelligence, cognitive behavioural therapy and neuroscience. Peta is a leader in this space with over a decade of experience working globally with organisations and their people.

Featuring: Peta Sigley

Host: Simon Cook

Production: Claire Taylor

Music: Josh Jones

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resilience real-time: Episode 14


Motivation and the year ahead

As we leave 2020 behind us, it is an important as ever to step into 2021 with the motivation to pursue our goals . Peta explores how we can achieve this...


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resilience real-time: Episode 13


Exercise - How, What and Why

Peta Sigley explores the latest report of physical activity published by the World Health Organisation. Looking at how exercise benefits physical and cognitive health. Outlining what types of exercise are recommended and why this forms part of our resilience.

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resilience real-time: Episode 12


Loneliness and the holiday season

The holiday period is a time of excitement and joy for many however, the reality is that for some people this holiday season won't necessarily mean joy, family and gatherings. Peta recommends actions and activities and that help reduce loneliness in yourself and those around you.

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resilience real-time: Episode 11


Conflict resolution

Conflict is inevitable however, when constructively managed it can become a powerful enabler for personal and professional growth. Peta Sigley unpacks five conflict resolution strategies and shares her guideline to having a difficult conversation.

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resilience real-time: Episode 10


Empathy, compassion and connection

The ability to understand life through the eyes of others is a powerful skill. It enables us to connect to others and to build understanding, tolerance and acceptance in all areas of our lives. Peta Sigley unpacks three different types of empathy and highlights the value of compassionate leadership in the modern world.

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resilience real-time: Episode 09


How to build psychological safety at work

Conflict, bullying, harassment and humiliation are experienced all too often in our workplaces. Peta Sigley explains how psychological safety is the foundation to building trust and high performance in terms. She explores how leaders can enable psychological safety within their organisation.

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resilience real-time: Episode 08


The psychology behind gratitude

Peta Sigley explains the psychology behind gratitude and how it can positively impact you both personally and professionally. Peta explores how being thankful is a skill that can be developed with intentional practice and awareness and how the results can benefit both individuals and organisations

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resilience real-time: Episode 07


Emotions and COVID-19

Reframing negative emotions, maintaining self-care practices and staying present can strengthen your relationships, performance and leadership during a crisis. Peta Sigley explains how to identify, understand and manage emotions during COVID-19 in order to make emotions work for you, and not against you.

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resilience real-time: Episode 06


How age and gender impact resilience

Age and gender are a strong indicator of resilience and can cause resilience to vary over a lifetime. Peta explores how leaders can utilise the diversity within their organisations in order to increase team performance.

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resilience real-time: Episode 05


How trust impacts leadership and culture at work

Peta Sigley explores how trust plays out in our organisations in terms of personal and professional risk and how leaders often maintain a "blissful delusion" in this space.

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resilience real-time: Episode 04


Under the surface of stress and performance

Peta Sigley untangles the difference between positive and negative stress and how it can help both individuals and organisations build their resilience and achieve sustainable high performance.

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resilience real-time: Episode 03


Don't bounce back. Bounce forward!

Resilience is fundamentally the act of bouncing forward in response to adversity. Peta Sigley explains how self-awareness, mindset, diet, sleep and exercise enable us to move forward with purpose and to shift from merely surviving to thriving at our fullest potential.

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resilience real-time: Episode 02


Working from home during COVID-19
– is it business as usual?

COVID-19 has many grappling with high levels of doubt, rapid change, conflicting advice and unpredictable outbreaks – all whilst working from home. Peta Sigley uncovers the reality of working from home during a pandemic.

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resilience real-time: Episode 01


The heart of resilience

Resilience is foundational to who we are and the way that we thrive both individually and as a collective. Peta Sigley gets to the heart of what resilience is and its impact on individual well-being, sustainable high performance, business success and leadership.

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