Meet the Team

With established teams in New Zealand, Australia, Europe, North America, South East Asia and China, we have a growing team of accredited practitioners now in the UK and US. Together we are able to deliver a consistent experience in resilience training and leadership development for our clients across multiple territories. Below you can get to know our team in each location and understand the range of skills we can offer.

Stuart Taylor

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

For over a decade, Stuart has engaged and inspired with his workshops, keynotes and conference presentations to more than 20,000 people globally with measurable impact achieved across many organisations. As CEO at Springfox, Stuart is committed to achieving high quality outcomes for his clients.


Peta Sigley

Chief Knowledge Officer

As CKO, Peta ensures Springfox Solutions deliver participants relevant, evidence-based information, facts and insights in a way that is practical, enjoyable and effective. Peta is passionate about incorporating the latest research into a continually renewed and refreshed blended learning offering.


Rachel Thompson

General Manager


Amanda Purnell


Amanda’s expertise and professionalism combine with her strong sense of authenticity and openness. She has a passionate and engaging facilitation style and delivers high impact results for Springfox clients and participants.


Madeleine Shaw


Madeleine is sought after as a resonant, results-oriented speaker, facilitator and coach. She offers expertise in the fields of resilience, mindset, wellbeing, leadership capability and strategy.


Monique Slade


Monique brings this real-time resilience experience to her work at Springfox, where she is dedicated to inspiring others to push boundaries and see beyond the current situation to find new areas for growth.


Sharon Griffin


Sharon’s belief in the fundamental pillars of resilience come from a deeply personal place that she shares openly with her clients and colleagues.


Alexandra Bowen


Alex is passionate about helping individuals and organisations achieve optimal performance in a way that is sustainable. She has expertise in resilience, wellbeing, stress mastery and employee engagement.


Paul Salmon

Senior Manager

Paul has a distinguished background in leadership in education, with extensive experience in management, program design, staff development, and both teacher training and student facilitation. He has diverse talents, being able to move almost effortlessly between management and operational logistics through to running outdoor challenge experiences, giving lectures or facilitating keynote presentations.


Geraldine Lockley

Senior Consultant

Geraldine is a skilled coach and psychologist. Using our Resilience model as a foundation, she guides clients to go beyond ‘keeping on top of things’ by applying practical skills to develop personal and professional resilience, helping them to sustain high performance and optimal wellbeing.


Tessa Lawrence

Office Manager


Catherine Mills

Programme Manager


Eva Stockdale

Project and Processes Manager


Josh Taylor

Social Media Administrator