Who We Are

Over 10 years of Resilience…

Founded in 2003 by Stuart Taylor as The Resilience Institute Australia, our mission has always been to help our clients sustain and accelerate human performance through improving resilience. We enable people and organisations to thrive through agility, sustainability and compassion.

Since then thousands of executives and professionals Australia-wide and across the world have engaged in our Learning Labs. They have built stronger bodies, achieved greater levels of emotional intelligence and have fostered stronger minds.

Our evidence-based Learning Labs are specifically designed to be high impact and practical by bringing together modern preventative medicine, positive psychology, emotional intelligence, cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) and neuroscience.

Forging a new path forward

We believe Resilience is driven by having the courage to change and being inspired to take action. We believe to thrive is to learn, change and grow, to spring forward through life’s disruptions and to be agile like a fox adapting to new challenges. Inspired to embody our beliefs, in 2017 we made the change and took action.

In strategic response to the challenging climate faced by Australian organisations today, The Resilience Institute has launched a new brand in Australia: Springfox - powered by Resilience.


The team powering Resilience

We live and breathe the practices we teach. Our asset is in our collective experience and each team members’ unique passion and drive to engage others in positive, impactful change. At Springfox we are more than trainers, we are examples of human resilience. Our qualifications and experience are from a broad range of different sectors and backgrounds. We have personally experienced the common pressures that people experience day-to-day in work and life. We find it is these individual stories that make our work instantly relatable for our participants. And it’s the breadth of our research foundation that allows participants to understand the ‘why’ of our practices, allowing them to go away with almost immediate changes to put into action.


Local knowledge, global reach

We are partnered with our research arm, The Resilience Institute, offering us access to a wealth of continual research and knowledge, giving us the ability to service global organisations. We have people on the ground at our offices in Australia, USA, UK, Europe, Asia and New Zealand.

"The Australian Principals Federation has one professional growth and development activity each year, which has to be exceptional in order to pull such busy people away from their daily work.  The feedback from the APF members regarding the presentation by Stuart Taylor, CEO & Founder of Springfox, was unparalleled.  They are a tough audience with high expectations, and they were as one describing the quality, engaging style of the presenter and the relevance of the presentation.

School leaders have been deeply impacted by COVID-19 in respect to their mental wellbeing, physical health and personal and professional relationships. They have all endured endless on-line meetings and conferences, and it was reasonable to assume that that there was some trepidation in facing our three-hour long event.  However, the first 70 minutes in which Stuart led the program as Keynote Speaker, seemed to pass in the blink of an eye with his interactive presentation, which was targeted to perfection. 

I highly recommend Springfox, and believe any organisation wanting to invest in the wellbeing of their staff would benefit greatly from working with Stuart and team.

Julie Podbury, President - Australian Principals Federation

"The Resilience Learning Lab was a fantastic development and team building session... Peta is a truly fabulous presenter who engaged 50 people from various backgrounds, with different learning styles. The session is full of practical,
easy to remember tips to help you.”

Karen Lowe, Executive Director - People & Culture, Monash Health

"I absolutely loved it and find it fascinating. The session has again sparked my passion in behaviour... Thanks again, it was certainly well worth the investment.  I wish every employee could have this opportunity
– I dare to dream!”

Learning Lab Participant, Monash Health

"EnergyAustralia engaged with Springfox for our Shiftworker Resilience program. The engagement with our workforce was excellent and has resulted in consideration of constructive changes in our workplace. We look forward to working with Springfox in the future.”

Paul Koopmans, Maintenance Manager, EnergyAustralia

"The evidence-based Learning Labs are full of take-home practices that have no doubt contributed positively to each of our lives – both in and outside of a work context. Couldn’t recommend this investment in your leaders and people more highly. My business is better for it.”

Rebecca Smith, Managing Director, That Communications Company

"This is one of the most valuable mental health/resilience courses I have participated in. The content is easily understood but full of valuable and practical insights. I highly recommend this course and commend my employer with providing employees this opportunity."

Simon Bucknell, Workplace Experience Lead, Banking Sector

"I really enjoyed the resilient educators program and it has already made a change in my life. It’s amazing how putting little things into practise with the right guidance change your life. I have grown in confidence, resilience and now look at life in a more positive way. This is only the start but I’m excited to see what impact these changes will have on my future."

Kane Podesta, Head of House, St Francis Xavier College

"I’ve taken three resilience courses through my workplace now and couldn’t recommend Springfox more highly. The learnings were very practical to implement and had positive impacts on both my professional and personal life.”

Julia Chalk, Account Director, That Communications Company

"I have had the opportunity to undertake a number of resilience programs presented by Stuart Taylor and Peta Sigley, and can wholeheartedly say that the training has truly impacted both my work and personal life in a positive and long-lasting way. Keep up the great work team!”

Madeline Garisto, Account Manager, That Communications Company

"Couldn't recommend Springfox's resilience programs more. Sessions are engaging, practical, informative and backed by research to ensure participants can take away their learnings and make meaningful, positive change in both their personal and professional lives. Something every organisation would benefit from, especially in the current climate.”

Anoosha Delpechitra, Senior Account Executive, That Communications Company

"I've been fortunate enough to take part in several of Springfox's resilience programs with both Stuart and Peta. I've consistently found them to be insightful and full of helpful tips and lessons I apply in my day-to-day life, both in a professional and personal capacity. Springfox's programs are a really worthwhile activity to do with your workplace in order to develop a high performing team, and to ensure each person is able to perform at their best.”

Carla Alderuccio, Senior Account Manager, That Communications Company

"Our leaders are learning valuable skills in pre-empting challenging situations, preparing for them, and building their capacity to respond positively. They view Peta as a trusted, credible colleague who can mentor and guide them in the many complex and sometimes volatile situations they encounter.

Investment in this work with Peta Sigley is a priority for Catholic education in the Diocese of Wilcannia-Forbes.  Building resilient school leaders is crucial in promoting healthy school cultures.

Mary-Ellen Dempsey, Deputy Director of Catholic Education, Diocese of Wilcannia-Forbes

"I appreciated being made aware of (because we all know it already) the correlation between the mind & the body. The fact that we can use our body to help our mind concentrate better is absolutely brilliant
- I've tried it & it works!”

Kamakshi Besnard, Global Delivery Program Manager, IBM

"The content of this program is a life changing experience. Some say 'Education is knowledge, knowledge is power.' To learn, develop and understand the areas of this course is where I feel personal greatness will come from and empower us in our everyday life.”

Leader, Manufacturing