We enable people and organisations to thrive through resilience, agility, sustainability and compassion.

Resilience Enables Strategic Agility:
Global Resilience Report 2018

Australian workers are among the least resilient people in the world, despite being the one of the most physically active workforces.

Resilience Enables Strategic Agility:
Global Resilience Report 2018

Women in the workplace lagged behind men on most factors of resilience and experienced more obstacles in the workplace.

Resilience Enables Strategic Agility:
Global Resilience Report 2018

Whilst millennial workers have a strong sense of purpose, they struggle with issues linked to information overload and sleep.

Resilience Enables Strategic Agility:
Global Resilience Report 2018

Those in the insurance and pharmaceutical industries scored highly as the most resilient workers, whereas those in construction, banking, and finance sat at the bottom of the rank.

Resilience Enables Strategic Agility:
Global Resilience Report 2018

Resilience interventions deliver 38% growth in capability.

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Global Professional Services Firm

This premier global firm wanted to bring its high potential leaders from around the world together in a program to generate consistent leadership behaviours and develop outstanding, agile international leaders.


Banking Team

An internal audit team of a major bank was looking for a programme to prepare the team for the major changes in process and internal engagement, and the way the audit team serves the bank. This involved significant change in process and people.


Small Technology Team

A small technology team building innovative online solutions, under enormous delivery objectives, long hours and challenging disruptive launches. The CEO wanted to support the team to ensure they were well prepared as the business grows.

The Resilience Diagnostic applies 20 years of ongoing research and experience to help you and your people transform performance.

How we do it


Resilience Diagnostic

Used by over 20,000 people in 300 organisations, the Resilience Diagnostic provides detailed insight into resilience at all levels of human function as well as employee performance. Reporting on 60 factors of resilience, participants receive individualised recommendations and a comprehensive self-development toolkit.

Learning Labs

The heart of resilience is the capacity to be calm, clear, effective and adaptive in the critical moments that count. In our powerful Learning Labs, individuals and teams gain insight and skill to build steadiness, vitality, emotional responsiveness and strong minds, unlocking high performance.



Our keynotes are designed to inform, challenge and inspire action.

High impact, engaging and evidence based content explores personal or organisational resilience as the essential foundation for individuals and organisations to build agility to bounce forward through change and thrive.

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"I appreciated being made aware of (because we all know it already) the correlation between the mind & the body. The fact that we can use our body to help our mind concentrate better is absolutely brilliant - I've tried it & it works!”

Kamakshi Besnard, Global Delivery Program Manager, IBM

"The content of this program is a life changing experience. Some say "Education is knowledge, knowledge is power" To learn, develop and understand the areas of this course is where I feel personal greatness will come from and empower us in our everyday life.”

Leader, Manufacturing

"Before starting the seminar I had some knowledge about resilience, after the seminar I knew myself ... and felt on the path to harmony!”

Sylvain Bruneau, Products and Services Director, Elior