We enable people and organisations to thrive through resilience, agility, sustainability and compassion.

Performance with Care:
2022 Global Resilience Report

Discover the top five critical success factors differentiating those with high resilience from those with low resilience, based on our work with 23,990 clients from around the world over a three-year period (2018-2021).

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Join Peta Sigley, Chief Knowledge Officer at Springfox, with host Simon Cook to discuss all things resilience, real-time.

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Our contribution to the mining and energy sectors

We celebrate 15 years working with the mining and energy sectors in Australia and globally. Our work has focused on building sustainable performance and resilience in the following organisations: BP, Energy Australia, Shell, Origin Energy, Newcrest, Viva Energy.

"Energy Australia engaged with Springfox for our resilience program. The engagement with our workforce was excellent and has resulted in consideration of constructive changes in our workplace. We look forward to working with Springfox in the future.” - Senior Leader, Energy Australia

Our response

COVID-19: Resilience Training

Evidence-based, practical strategies to build resilience,
enhance well-being and sustain mental health.

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Practical. Integral. Evidence-Based.

"The feedback from the APF members regarding the presentation by Stuart Taylor, CEO & Founder of Springfox, was unparalleled.  They are a tough audience with high expectations, and they were as one describing the quality, engaging style of the presenter and the relevance of the presentation...I highly recommend Springfox, and believe any organisation wanting to invest in the wellbeing of their staff would benefit greatly from working with Stuart and team.”

Julie Podbury, President - Australian Principals Federation

"Amanda was excellent, I felt inspired through my conversation with her. She is clear, articulate, positive and also shares constructive feedback in a helpful and pragmatic way. Best session I have had since making partner, I hope Amanda does my session next year. Appreciate Amanda also sharing insights and perspectives more broadly to allow me to role model/support my fellow partners and teams.”

Deanna Chesler, Partner – Professional Services Firm

"I've been lucky enough to participate in two Springfox resilience programs and I can truly say they have been life changing. The practical skills, insights and data offered through the program have enabled me to drastically improve my mental and physical well-being which have led to a more purposeful career, healthier lifestyle and stronger, more connected personal relationships. While my resilience journey is always ongoing...I can't thank Stuart and the Springfox team and my employer enough for the new skills and mindsets I'm continually developing.”

Alex Mazzoni, Manager - IAG

"The Resilience Learning Lab was a fantastic development and team building session... Peta is a truly fabulous presenter who engaged 50 people from various backgrounds, with different learning styles. The session is full of practical, easy to remember tips to help you.”

Karen Lowe, Executive Director - People & Culture, Monash Health

"Energy Australia engaged with Springfox for our Shiftworker Resilience program. The engagement with our workforce was excellent and has resulted in consideration of constructive changes in our workplace. We look forward to working with Springfox in the future.”

Paul Koopmans, Maintenance Manager, Energy Australia

"The evidence-based Learning Labs are full of take-home practices that have no doubt contributed positively to each of our lives – both in and outside of a work context. Couldn’t recommend this investment in your leaders and people more highly. My business is better for it.”

Rebecca Smith, Managing Director, That Communications Company

"Spingfox deliver! Peta, Stuart and the team consistently deliver high quality, evidence informed thought leader input into our The Brown Collective executive leadership programs with the section. Leaders are provided with practical strategies to improve personal resilience, trust and organisational performance. The Brown Collective enjoys a long term partnership with Stuart, Peta and the team from Springfox."

Dr Stephen Brown, Managing Director, The Brown Collective

"The most valuable aspect of the resilience coaching has been the fact that I have been able to meet with the same coach (Amanda) for a number of years now, and because of that we have great open conversations, she has been with me on "my journey" of resilience ups and downs and is therefore able to reflect with me on changes from the past to now. That has been the most beneficial part of the experience.

Partner, Professional Services Firm

"This is one of the most valuable mental health/resilience courses I have participated in. The content is easily understood but full of valuable and practical insights. I highly recommend this course and commend my employer with providing employees this opportunity."

Simon Bucknell, Workplace Experience Lead, Banking Sector

"I really enjoyed the resilient educators program and it has already made a change in my life. It’s amazing how putting little things into practise with the right guidance change your life. I have grown in confidence, resilience and now look at life in a more positive way. This is only the start but I’m excited to see what impact these changes will have on my future."

Kane Podesta, Head of House, St Francis Xavier College

"I absolutely loved it and find it fascinating. The session has again sparked my passion in behaviour... Thanks again, it was certainly well worth the investment.  I wish every employee could have this opportunity – I dare to dream!”

Learning Lab Participant, Monash Health

"Couldn't recommend Springfox's resilience programs more. Sessions are engaging, practical, informative and backed by research to ensure participants can take away their learnings and make meaningful, positive change in both their personal and professional lives. Something every organisation would benefit from, especially in the current climate.”

Anoosha Delpechitra, Senior Account Executive, That Communications Company

"Our leaders are learning valuable skills in pre-empting challenging situations, preparing for them, and building their capacity to respond positively. They view Peta as a trusted, credible colleague who can mentor and guide them in the many complex and sometimes volatile situations they encounter.

Investment in this work with Peta Sigley is a priority for Catholic education in the Diocese of Wilcannia-Forbes.  Building resilient school leaders is crucial in promoting healthy school cultures.

Mary-Ellen Dempsey, Deputy Director of Catholic Education, Diocese of Wilcannia-Forbes

"I appreciated being made aware of (because we all know it already) the correlation between the mind & the body. The fact that we can use our body to help our mind concentrate better is absolutely brilliant
- I've tried it & it works!”

Kamakshi Besnard, Global Delivery Program Manager, IBM

"The content of this program is a life changing experience. Some say 'Education is knowledge, knowledge is power.' To learn, develop and understand the areas of this course is where I feel personal greatness will come from and empower us in our everyday life.”

Leader, Manufacturing

Tangible results

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Global Professional Services Firm

This premier global firm wanted to bring its high potential leaders from around the world together in a resilience program to generate consistent leadership behaviours and develop outstanding, agile international leaders.

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Banking Team

An internal audit team of a major bank was looking for a resilience program to prepare the team for the major changes in process and internal engagement, and the way the audit team serves the bank. This involved significant change in process and people.

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Small Technology Team

A small technology team building innovative online solutions, under enormous delivery objectives, long hours and challenging disruptive launches. The CEO wanted to support the team to ensure they were well prepared as the business grows.

The Resilience Diagnostic applies 20 years of ongoing research and experience to help you and your people transform performance.

How we do it


Resilience Diagnostic

Used by over 20,000 people in 300 organisations, the Resilience Diagnostic provides detailed insight into resilience at all levels of human function as well as employee performance. Reporting on 60 factors of resilience, participants receive individualised recommendations and a comprehensive self-development toolkit. The Resilience Diagnostic is on a GDPR compliant platform and is accessed via the Resilience App providing a personalised resilience plan for your people.

Learning Labs

The heart of resilience is the capacity to be calm, clear, effective and adaptive in the critical moments that count. In our powerful Learning Labs, individuals and teams gain insight and skill to build steadiness, vitality, emotional responsiveness and strong minds, unlocking high performance.

Learning Labs (as part of resilience programs) are customised to the needs of the group and can cover topics such as resilience: thriving through change and challenge, resilience: mastery in action, performance mindset, well-being, leadership trust, mental health for leaders and COVID-19 resilience training. The format of these resilience programs is is flexible and depends on whether your people are working from home or are on site (or a combination of both). We offer face to face programs, virtual programs via webinar as well as blended programs in a hybrid learning environment (some participants on a webinar and others face to face in the room). Our GDPR compliant Resilience App makes blended learning a seamless experience.



Our keynotes are designed to inform, challenge and inspire action. High impact, engaging and evidence-based content explores personal or organisational resilience as the essential foundation for individuals and organisations to build agility to bounce forward through change and thrive.

Keynotes are available on the following topics and can be customised to suit your needs.

Resilience keynote topics include Resilience: Agility in Challenge & Change; The Engagement – Resilience Connection – aligning culture; Compassionate Leadership & Resilience; Women in Leadership; Global Resilience Report – latest findings; Assertive Humility – Emerging from the Ego Trap; Leadership Trust.

Keynotes are available in a number of formats including face to face, virtual or in a hybrid learning environment (some participants on a webinar and others face to face in the room). We can create a resilience program for your team or organisation, which includes a curated series of lunch and learn style events. This can be paired with our GDPR compliant Resilience App for an integrated resilience training approach.

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