Business as a force for good

Who we are

We are a multi-disciplinary team of experts, passionate about human resilience,
including medical doctors, psychologists, scientists, entrepreneurs and experienced business leaders—we understand the reality of the modern workplace.
While our programs are based on the latest research, our commitment is to deliver practical, actionable programs that engage, inspire and sustain positive change.

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Our purpose

We believe that business grows when people grow.

Our research demonstrates that effective business requires both performance and care. As every high-performance sports team knows, rhythm is the success accelerant.

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Our purpose is to share and establish the rhythms of resilience with our clients, partners and communities.


Our vision is to support resilient people, who contribute to resilient organisations and, ultimately, work to create a more resilient future for our planet and species.


Our commitment is to consider all stakeholders, including planet earth. Business can be a force for good.

Our history

Founded in 2003 by Stuart Taylor, Springfox is headquartered in Australia under the leadership of our CEO and Co-Founder, Peta Sigley. Springfox is part of the global network, the Resilience Institute. Together, we are the world's leading resilience experts, and a notable research and development team.

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Research and insights

Springfox produces research publications detailing the latest trends in human resilience, based on data from our Resilience Diagnostic platform.

Ready for resilience?

We support thousands of organisations worldwide with precision training programs and our evidence-based digital toolkit. Our global team of resilience experts will be delighted to discuss your needs and share best practice tools for building resilient leaders and teams.

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