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At Springfox, we partner with organisations that believe that when people grow, business grows. Our workplace resilience program provides you with tools that enable a culture of high performance, trust, collaboration, and care.

Resilience research and training, since 2003

We deliver high-impact, practical, and evidence-based training featuring the latest research from modern preventative medicine, positive psychology, emotional intelligence, and neuroscience.
Resilience is a foundational skill that is a proven pathway to wellbeing, higher human functioning and ultimately sustainable performance.

Springfox training builds resilience skills in a measurable and sustainable way. Hundreds of thousands of executives and professionals have joined our community.

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Springfox offers research-based training programs, delivered by our global network of expert consultants. Live training sessions are delivered in-person or virtually and include workbooks and post-session resources, delivered via our digital toolkit.

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The Resilience Diagnostic is a state-of-the-art interactive assessment tool that equips individuals with action plans and a library of resources. Leaders receive comprehensive group insights. Discover the world’s leading human resilience analytics and insights platform.

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From micro-habits training to support tools and ongoing digital resources, we deliver data-proven journeys of individual and team transformation. Whether you choose a single session or a multi-year journey, we will help you maintain momentum and grow a culture of resilience.

Experience the power of human factors

Individual Insights

Resilience Diagnostic For Individuals

The Resilience Diagnostic assessment is at the heart of our Precision Training program.

It delivers confidential individual action plans, including priority recommendations and a clickable resilience spiral featuring 11 categories and 60 factors of mental, emotional, and physical fitness.

Group Insights

Group Insights

Leaders receive comprehensive group reports highlighting human strengths and risks across the team.

With powerful benchmarking capability and custom reporting categories, it's possible to measure the ROI of our resilience training and position resilience as a key organisational KPI.

Join the experts in resilience

Live training sessions

The Springfox and Resilience Institute global team of consultants will inspire and engage your team, bringing resilience skills to life within your organisation.

We close the 'knowing-doing' gap by designing personal action plans and linking resilience to your strategic objectives.

The impact of our interventions are measurable at the individual and group level.

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Understand what delivers results

The Springfox R&D team produce insights for leaders wishing to build resilient teams. Our latest 2023 Global Resilience Report reveals the factors that support the most resilient professionals.

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Ready for resilience?

We support thousands of organisations worldwide with precision training programs and our evidence-based digital toolkit. Our global team of resilience experts will be delighted to discuss your needs and share best practice tools for building resilient leaders and teams.

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