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Measure and build resilience

Used by over 20,000 people in 300 organisations, the Resilience Diagnostic provides detailed insight into resilience at all levels of human function as well as employee performance. Reporting on 60 factors of resilience, participants receive individualised recommendations and a comprehensive self-development toolkit.

Our secure, online Resilience Diagnostic is based on 60 questions from the range of factors that determine resilience. It takes 10 minutes to complete and the personal Interactive Report is available immediately.

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Track yourself and see results

The Interactive Report is a detailed exploration of 60 Resilience Factors with self-paced learning, practice tips, additional reading, videos and much more, delivered in a private and secure environment.

As an organisation, you will receive a comprehensive report on the resilience of your team. The report will define strengths to build on and opportunities for development. Before and after testing allows you to target your training and measure the impact of our work.

Tangible results

Resilient people are fulfilled at work, sleep well and take care of nutrition. Fuelled by wellbeing they are focused, decisive and purposeful. People who engage in resilient practices following our Learning Labs experience measurable benefits.

These benefits have included improved: sleep quality (86%), fitness (57%), relaxation (76%), focus (43%), purpose (34%), emotional insight (22%) and bounce (30%)

The Resilience Diagnostic applies 20 years of ongoing research and experience to help you and your people transform performance.

The Resilience Diagnostic, Springfox

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For participants of an existing programme. As a new user of the diagnostic please register using the code given to you. Remember to save your username (e-mail) and password. This is a secure environment.

As an existing user please use your username and password to review reports or complete post-course assessments. Remember to explore your online interactive explanations, recommendations and library.

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