Ricard is a French biologist who trained as a Buddhist monk and now bridges the worlds of contemplative practice and neurobiology. He is famous as the monk in the brain scanner but is an exceptional intellect and gentle man who I had the pleasure of spending three days with last year.Altruism is a very deep and comprehensive exploration of the science and wisdom behind empathy, love and compassion. Ricard is uniquely placed to offer credible integration of wisdom, personal practice and science. The case for reading this book is that it will make you a happier and better person.Altruism is powerful reading for leaders, coaches, physicians and social entrepreneurs - actually anyone interested in being a more complete person. You will be left in no doubt that we have evolved to connect and inspire each other. Building on many great scientists such as Darwin, E.O Wilson, De Waal, Ekman, Davidson and Fredrickson, Altruism integrates different perspectives into a very compelling case with clear and practical steps for action.This is a big book and will require time to digest. Make the time. It will change your life.

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